How designing can help you be better at life?

Tame your monkey mind because that’s where the real fun is.

Coming from a highly spiritual family, I believe that there are signs everywhere. Signs that can prepare you or warn you about something that is going to happen in the near future. The real causality behind the virtue of one’s intuition gets detonated due to the fear instilled within them. The fear of worst of our expectations becoming a reality. The fear of losing or getting lost. This fear is rooted with traits such as over-thinking, over-analyzing your decisions, calculating all the outcomes and imagining all the things that can go wrong in one go.

To break this chain of speculation and self doubt, we need to remember that the present is the future in making. That we live in instead of over-thinking and living ahead of ourselves, constantly going through every bad thing twice. One of the ways to mindfully consume all the time in now is to practice . The reason why it works is because when you get in the flow, you forget about the existence of time. One hour might feel like just 15 minutes and three hours of work might feel like just an hour’s. If you’re the one who makes a todo list (you should totally do it if you don’t) every morning, you know the bliss that you get post completing all the tasks assigned. Getting into flow, and indulging into your tasks can help you strike off the last element on your list a lot more sooner than you normally do. It can save you more than 2–3 hours of the day, which you can efficiently consume to plan out your ulterior tasks or recreations.

There are many things you can find online that can ease your way into the flow. For me, it’s listening to binaural beats or a soundtrack of some movie. Initially, I liked to train my state of flow while I am on my break because that’s when I used to do things I find utterly amusing. I have recently started learning graphic designing and UX/UI development and designing. I practice design in the long breaks of my day so I can concentrate smoothly with less time bumpers. Although I consider myself mere a beginner, you can check out my dribbble account if you want.

isn’t confined to a screen, it can be anywhere and in any shape. Personally, I like to design because I find it easy to indulge into it. It also makes me aware of the importance of colors on our emotions(check out this article to know more). Designing something from scratch reveals the most authentic veracity of all the wild possibilities. It inspires you to put something new and entirely yours, out in the world. You become more and more observant — of shapes, colors, curves and more.

Apart from such profound benefits of designing, there are other impacts that it can have on your mentality. It opens ways for your mind to wander around and explore numerous possibilities. Moreover, using the six steps of designing (UI/UX), you can solve any problem in your life. Following are the steps:


The first stepping stone towards a great design is to understand the purpose and motive behind it. You should be crystal about what the client/you want(s). In life, whenever you come across a complication, you first understand it and acknowledge that it really exists. Part of the growth is admitting that there is something wrong and to be open to what it’s trying to teach you.


Secondly, you need to research well about your design. This vast process begins with exploring new design on a well known platform and adapting to it if it aligns with what you want. Similarly, you can research about your problem, ask questions about it and take advices from someone you hold in high regards.


Next thing is to gather all the information you have got until now and use it to analyze what would work for you and dismantle those parts. Likewise, you can gather up all the advices or learnings and analyze them and distill the most important ones for your problems. You can also analyze what that problem is trying to teach you.


This is the most crucial part of all. Here, you finally start making some visual progress with your designs. You put all your assessed research into place and create something that follows that path. In the same way, you can use up all the advices and lessons as your whetstone and sharpen up. You can design/redesign the outdated models of your life into something that works for you.


In this step, you apply or launch your design. You make it public for others to see, appreciate and get inspired from it. On the other side of the sphere, you start instilling that principle that you formed. You start enforcing it to the parts of your life where that specific complication laid its roots. You begin to work on cutting those roots with your sharpened principles and new learnings.

Analyze (again)

Lastly, you try to find any improvements and upgrade it to ameliorate your design. That’s when you create something that carries your unfiltered essence. In real life, you try to find the loopholes in your practices and try to improve it to amplify its impacts. You observe and understand the outcomes of your actions and either rehabilitate or modernize your practices to suit your needs.

That’s all! These are the six steps towards a better design and a more mindful approach towards getting through your life problems.

Hope it helps!

P.S. All the illustrations on this page are made by myself!

Reading between the lines.